Demented Sagu Alchemist


A stooped, diminutive lump of moss-covered vegetation, Pezzok is a difficult creature to process with the eyes. His chinless, neckless head is indistinguishable from his torso, and most of his facial features are buried under a shaggy coating of greenery; only his broad, bark-covered nose protrudes to give others an idea of which way he is facing.

Likewise, his chubby arms and legs are sometimes hard to differentiate from the rest of his small frame. Sometimes, it seems as if Pezzok has more than four limbs; at other times, none at all. Pezzok shuffles and shambles, constantly emitting a soft rustling sound, and a faint odour of vegetative decay.

When Pezzok speaks, he most often barks monosyllables in a low, snarling voice. When agitated, Pezzok becomes more talkative, but this only serves to reveal how far from sanity the aging sagu has meandered.


Twenty years ago, Pezzok was the ship’s doctor on a vessel crewed entirely by sagu. The ship had been out from the sagu homeland for nearly a decade, sailing around the Rimwater in search of flora and fauna that were scarce in the Iron Jungle.

Seized by the homesickness that often infects sagu, the ship’s captain tried to contravene the orders of the Collective, and return home before Pezzok had a chance to test all of their samples, to ensure they posed no danger to their race. Pezzok reluctantly led the crew in a mutiny, but in the course of commandeering the ship, it sailed into a patch of shards, and was badly damaged. Fearful of Shrapnel pirates, the crew hid the ship in a nearby cave while they repaired its hull.

While they were working, Pezzok explored the cave, and fell through a crevasse into a deep subterranean chamber. There, he met a silver-eyed woman who offered to return him to the surface, and gifted him with a sample of kaava, a mushroom found only in the Underreaches far below Allu’s surface. Charmed by the strange woman, Pezzok accepted her help, but once his ship was seaworthy again, Pezzok came to his senses, and realized he had been enchanted by a nefarious asura.

However, it was too late; other sagu crew members had been infected by the kaava’s spores, and began transforming into savage fungal versions of their proud race. Seized with guilt, Pezzok realized that the highly contagious kaava must not be permitted to reach civilized lands; so he drove the vessel aground between two rocks near Kalasai, a jungle island on the outskirts of the Shrapnels.

Furious at this betrayal, Pezzok’s former allies sought to kill him, but he escaped and fled to a distant part of Kalasai. From his new home, the castaway has watched as the kaava spread, infecting flora and fauna alike; he lives in terror that the fungal pestilence will one day cover all of Kalasai, leaving him nowhere to flee. In the meantime, he scavenges for alchemical reagents that might be used to synthesize an antigen.


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