Free Races

There are twelve playable races in Allu. At the end of the First Age, these races all acquired the ability to free themselves from the destinies woven for them by the gods. However, they are still bound to the material world of Allu — to the great wheel of the five elements, and to the cycle of transmigratory souls.

To begin creating a character for Sea of Shards, choose one of the races listed below. Note that base racial abilities are different in Allu, so instead of checking your Bestiary or Advanced Race Guide, click through to the Allu website to find out how to roll up your race. If your chosen race doesn’t have a hyperlink, email your GM with a gentle request to make your race next on the list of updates!

Once you’ve selected a race, swing by the page on Elemental Affinities.

Aasimar: Infused with heavenly essence, aasimar are the only Free Race whose members are each born with an affiliation to a particular god. Most follow the paths of their gods, yet many reject them, maintaining or even stealing divine power in order to weave their own fates.

Catfolk: Fearless, fickle, and crafty, catfolk are exceedingly free-spirited, even among the Free Races. Yet through an ancient divine curse, their lives are forever shackled to their enemies, the vishkanya.

Duergar: Miners and architects of the deep, the grey-skinned duergar long ago outmatched their cousins, the dwarves, to become the uncontested lords of the Darkways.

Human: Humans were formed from a balance of all five elements, a rare talent that allows the race to exist comfortably in a wider range of environments than most Free Races. Inventors and expansionists, the human race often falls to in-fighting between its seven castes; however, by the Third Age, one caste triumphs over all, forming the world-spanning Rapti Empire.

Merfolk: To surface-dwellers, merfolk are fierce and territorial, yet curious and often deeply reverent. Their undersea hoards of ancient knowledge, together with their technique of coral grafting, grant them the means to travel upon what they call the Dryroads – but, even those few merfolk who adopt permanent homes on the land remain profoundly attuned to the sea.

Minotauri: This bull-headed race was forged as an unstoppable army to serve an ambitious god; a curse from the other gods now fogs their minds, and keeps them from achieving dominion over Allu. Minotauri remain a shrewd and fearless race, and with their martial skills beyond question, they are found at the vanguard of any army under the suns.

Ratfolk: Small humanoids who gather in large numbers, ratfolk (or dalagi, as they call themselves) are found everywhere upon Allu, as well as through the caves and warrens riddling the planet’s crust. Though not overly ambitious as a people, individual ratfolk often aspire to wealth or glory, racing to greatness while scarcely raising notice amongst the other Free Races.

Sagu: A short-statured race of sentient plants, sagu maintain profound, complex bonds with their natural environment – not only other plants, but also with unseen magnetic forces in the earth and air. Sagu can also share a telepathic link with other sagu, making them one of Allu’s most secretive races. Appearing slow and submissive to others, sagu are actually wily, wise, and tireless in pursuit of their own cryptic agenda.

Septi: Before the Third Age, the septi were human: a populous caste of inventors, mages, and warmongers. Now, they are an abomination: a race of undead revenants, bound to seek revenge against the Rapti Empire for its genocidal betrayal. Since the very elements of Allu reject the undead, septi are vulnerable to all forms of energy damage—yet, for all that, they remain uncannily hard to kill.

Sudur: Descendants of elves cross-breeding with evil outsiders, the sudur are an esoteric race of mystics, alchemists, and sages. Their frail constitutions are highly susceptible to environmental changes, yet this attunement also grants them access to cosmic secrets beyond the ken of most mortals.

Vanara: Agile, tree-dwelling simians, the vanara mostly stay aloof from the political manoeuvres of other Great Races, yet their love for Allu and their long-sighted understanding of time and destiny sometimes compel them to interfere.

Vishkanya: Cold-blooded in every sense, the vishkanya cross-breed with catfolk, but kill their own male children, leaving a race of ingenious and ruthless females who crave power and love poison.

Free Races

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