Gods and Domains

Here follows an abridged list of some of the major gods in Allu. There are LOTS of gods — one for every star in the sky, in fact — and if you don’t like one on the list, feel free to invent one and pitch it to me.

You’ll notice that some of these gods also appear in Earth mythology. There’s a reason for that; it’s alluded to here, but I’ll see if you can work it out for yourselves before I spill every little bean.

AGNI (Swift Heart, Fire of Heaven) CG
Domains: Fire, Luck, Protection

ASOKA (The Sly Collector) CE
Domains: Chaos, Death, Trickery

BASTET (The Beauty, Rage of the Suns) CG
Domains: Animal, Charm, Fire, Luck
NOTE: Bastet is the patron goddess of catfolk

BRONTIS (Eye of Light, the Lure) N
Domains: Construct, Metal, Liberation
NOTE: Brontos is the patron god of sudur

ENKI (Lord of the Soul, Swiftbranch) LN
Domains: Cloud, Water, Law, Growth

GARUDA (Mighty Wing, Giftbringer, Scalebane) LG
Domains: Air, Animal, Protection, Travel

HECATE (The Secretess, Queen of Night) N
Domains: Darkness, Curse, Magic, Scalykind
NOTE: Hecate is the patron goddess of vishkanya

HEPHAESTUS (Artificer, Hardhand) N
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Strength
NOTE: Hephaestus is the patron god of duergar

ISTAR (Brightstar, The Open Palm) NG
Domains: Good, Healing, Glory, Purity

JITH (Feather Dancer, The Last Laugh) CG
Domains: Whimsy, Luck, Trickery
NOTE: Jith is the patron god of ratfolk

JUJANI (Mountain Breath, the Phoenix Feather) LE
Domains: Air, Wind, Tyranny, Souls
NOTE: Jujani is the patron goddess of the Rapti Empire

KALI (The Mother of Time, the Lord of Death) CG/CE
Domains: Knowledge, Repose, Evil, Destruction
NOTE: Kali has two aspects or personalities; one is a giver of knowledge and life, and the other brings death and destruction

KALKI (The Weaver, the Sacred Eye) LN
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Fate

MINOS (The Underlord, Judgment’s Fist) LN
Domains: Fire, Judgment, Strength, War
NOTE: Minos is the patron god of the minotauri

Domains: Community, Law, Knowledge, Ancestors
NOTE: The Nameless is the patron god of the vanara

POSEIDON (The Deep, Tidecaller) N
Domains: Strength, Water, Weather
NOTE: Poseidon is the patron god of merfolk

RALAUNI (Seasinger, Queen of the Reefs) CN
Domains: Exploration, Water, Storms, Caves, Lust

SASH-KI (The Risen, Fivehand) NG
Domains: Good, Liberation, Protection

Domains: Healing, Thought, Plant, Seasons
NOTE: The Silent Gods are the patrons of the sagu

ULCIS (The Red Twin) CN
Domains: Chaos, Catastrophe, Madness, Moon
NOTE: Ulcis is the personification of Allu’s smaller sun

XIVA (The White Lady) LG
Domains: Glory, Healing, Nobility, Sun
NOTE: Xiva is the personification of Allu’s larger sun

Gods and Domains

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