The world is flat. The gods are near. And in the Sea of Shards, even the waves can kill!

It is the Age of Beasts. On the southern rim of Allu, pressed between the gods-blasted landscape of Tarat and the expansionist Rapti Empire, there lies the Sea of Shards — where eldritch aquatic horrors slink beneath the churning surf of deadly blades. Those who brave the currents may live to explore the Shrapnels — an archipelago of islands festooned with Titan-forged ruins, forgotten smugglers’ hordes, and elemental Threads that can unlock the secrets of time and space.

United as castaways on the mythical isle of Kalasai, a rogue’s gallery of ex-slaves and outcasts have risen from their desperate straits to become the Thrice-Damned Conclave, a powerful clutch of rebels whose acts now threaten to destabilize the Rapti’s iron grip upon the Sea of Shards. Ancient prophecies and divine guidance have laid them on a dangerous path towards a legendary scission, where time and space can be remade. Will they reach the scission before their enemies? Or will destiny betray them to true damnation?