Fugitive Aasimar Oracle


Mazikeen is a superpowered aasimar teenager who wears conservative angel-themed clothing and likes to fly around the market district with her friends. In her spare time, she relaxes by running away screaming from a vengeful Goddess of the Wind whom she has served for most of her life.

Her nervous disposition seems a strange counterpart to her beautiful sea green skin, silver hair and golden eyes and her extremely inappropriate anecdotes. Concealed in an enormous “masterwork backpack”, Mazikeen hides a pair of mighty wings that she can call on to take to the sky.

Often, Mazikeen responds to questions by belching “yes” or “no” unless you tell her to stop.

Mazikeen has profaned the power of Jujani by turning it toward the natural energies of life, rather than the tyranny that the Mountain Breath had intended. She loves all her little animal friends, and is sad when you die. To this end, she siphons power from under the nose of her divine mistress, and channels it into divine magic to aid allies and smite things that are gross.

Mazikeen takes her divine calling very seriously, and casts spells by snapping her fingers and pointing them at the target while winking. Touch spells are achieved by engaging the target in an enthusiastic high five. You’re buffed, bro.


The young aasimar has served Jujani since she was a small child – but no longer. Fallen out of favour with her divine Mistress, Mazikeen took on the name of a primordial devil and absconded with Jujani’s power.
Furious, Jujani continually attempts to sweep Mazikeen up into her heavenly domain with divine winds – for now, it seems a few heavy weights tied to her feet is doing the trick, until the two of them can sit down and discuss a reconciliation.


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