Oshep Kharem

Galnan Wizard


A tall, emaciated human, Oshep has clearly dedicated his long life to studious and sedentary activities. His dark, high-collared robe and long beard mark him as a graduate of Galnan’s Arcanarum, the largest academy of wizardry in the southern Rim. Yet, as a Galnan, Kharem was under no obligation to ally himself with the Rapti Empire. It is another physical trait that betrays him as a Rapti collaborator.

Kharem’s ten fingers are affixed with iron, claw-like extensions that taper to fine points — these attachments, which are designed to help focus elemental magic, earn Oshep and his fellow collaborators the grim nickname, “Thinfingers.”


Upon graduating from the Arcanarum, Oshep Kharem sought employment with the Rapti because he knew the expanding human empire would have access to the most interesting and varied relics and magic items. He was briefly stationed in Earthstar before being assigned to serve and protect the Talon of Low Simurgh. He quickly found the position distasteful, partly because of Talon Venmen himself, a vulgar and hedonistic ruler, but also because all of the choicest relics had a tendency to bypass Low Simurgh, going directly to High Simurgh, where the Princess Leijsalla is seated.

Having resided in Low Simurgh for nearly 20 years, Oshep knows the city and the region well. He has formed tentative alliances with all manner of powerful and knowledgeable locals, including many foes of the Rapti; to his mind, this is not treason, but merely insurance, in case the Rapti Empire should become destabilized.

For several years, Oshep was married to a Galnan noblewoman, but his wife died giving birth to Kharem’s only daughter, Mellani. Kharem treated Mellani more as a pupil than a beloved daughter, and he only realized his own affection for the girl when she disappeared, at the age of 14. Kharem’s investigations suggested that the kidnapper was none other than his superior, Talon Venmen; the Talon had likely abducted Mellani as leverage against Kharem, who recently discovered that his employer dabbled in asura worship.

Following his second encounter with the Thrice-Damned Conclave, Kharem learned the truth about Mellani’s fate — she died as a sacrifice to the asuras who fueled Venmen’s demented power. Now his distaste for the Rapti has blossomed into full hatred, yet he remains too prudent to strike out openly against the mighty empire.

Oshep Kharem

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