Qith Vehrtu

Sudur Preservationist Alchemist


Black-haired and blue-skinned, Qith bears the slim frame and broad, elven features shared by most sudur. Her skin is slightly crystalline, and her teal eyes shimmer with the electrical energy that pulses through her frail body. Her arms are covered with runic formulae, and a strange bulge on the back of her neck occasionally pulses in a most distressing manner.


Qith Vehrtu, named after her father Raqith Vehrtu, once served as an assistant alchemist to her father. However, this job was done begrudgingly, and with much complaint, for Qith found more interest in the living world than the chemical one. After enduring many years of endless sighing and muttering, Qith’s father relented and tried to placate his daughter with preserved specimens he received from a colleague. While these bottled beasts intrigued her initially, soon they too became boring. Qith wanted to see something alive. One day, without her father’s consent, she concocted a tranquilizer in his lab and headed out for the wild.

While she was successful in sedating a wild boar, and returning it to her home, she underestimated the beast’s metabolism and it soon awoke. In her distraction with preparing a myriad of experiments to perform on the boar, she did not notice the creature groggily bumble out of its open cage. When she did notice, she panicked and hastily gathered materials from her father’s lab to aid in the beast’s recapture.

She tracked the animal to an outdoor congregation, where it continued to grumpily bumble about in its drug-induced stupor. As the church-goers busied themselves in prayer, Qith hurriedly used the materials she had brought to once again tranquilize her subject. Unfortunately, the results were not as she had hypothesized. Instead of dousing the boar and the congregation with a sedative, she had instead accidentally lobbed what had been later dubbed by authorities as “bottled lightning”. Named an atheist Sudur terrorist, she was shipped out of Firstclaw to face execution.

Qith is obsessive and highly neurotic, treating most of the world as an experiment in which she is an observer. When things do not go as she has planned, she tends to have meltdowns or tantrums because she believes her hypotheses to be flawless. Despite this sterile and scientific approach to life, Qith values the lives of all creatures great and small, and does not believe in needless loss of life, as every species has their niche. However, she also believes in survival of the fittest and will do her best to prolong her life. If Qith is found following you and observing you from afar, you should take it as a compliment, as she has decided that you are a worthy subject to observe.

Qith Vehrtu

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