Pregnant Cannibal Barbarian


A towering, strapping Rapti female, Slog could be an impressive apogee of humanity, except for the filth and rags that blanket her body. Slog’s face and arms are slathered with blue woad, and her long red hair is inextricably tangled.

Slog sports a huge, swollen belly, which she keeps exposed, as she owns no clothing capable of covering it. Despite her nearly full-term pregnancy, Slog seems agile and tireless.

Whereas in the past, she spoke with the halting drawl of an untutored savage, she appears to have assumed a more thoughtful and articulate demeanour since the death of her twelve children at the hands of Captain Dirge and the Shadowbreath crew.


Slog is the third-generation descendant of the Rapti crew of the Shacklerun, a warship that attempted to invade vishkanya-occupied Shardhold in 1429. After the ship was led off-course by a priestess of Hecate, the crew was shipwrecked upon the southwestern cliffs of Kalasai. Gradually, the ancient curse of Kali saturated the survivors’ souls, converting them into bloodthirsty cannibals.

To survive 70 years upon the island, the “Shakaroon” tribe also resorted to incest. Slog was the progeny of a mother and son, and she had half a dozen siblings, some of whom became the sires of her own children. The weakest of her kin became meals to feed her babes.

Despite this horrifically debased lifestyle, Slog is a clever and resourceful woman, possessed of both killer and maternal instincts, but not exclusively governed by either one. From the tales of her elders, she has an inkling of the world beyond Kalasai, and while she does not believe herself well-equipped to survive off the island, she remains curious and fearless as she ventures into the unknown.


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